21 Tips for Visiting Magnolia Market At The Silos

Dreams really DO come true!

This is going to be a LONG post…but well worth the read! Lots of details about visiting the magnificent Silos.

We only took a short three day, two night trip to Texas. We flew into Dallas, rented a car and drove down (1.5 hours) to Waco. Now I warn you the traffic in Dallas…is awful. But once you are outside- you are smooth sailing. We took Spirit airlines for the first time- $146 for all three of our tickets. Now to keep that cost low

Tip 1- Print your boarding pass at home OR download their app. If not you will be charged $10 AND have to wait in the line to receive your boarding pass.

Tip 2- Since we went on such a short trip we decided to only take our personal item…which is FREE! It can be the size of a backpack, which is all we needed for each of us.

Tip 3- Bring a refillable water bottle. Travel can be exhausting and I always find that filling a water bottle is a great alternative to repurchasing all throughout the trip. The wonderful thing about Denver Airport they have filtered water refill stations located all throughout the airport.

Once we arrived in Dallas we got into our rental car and we were on our way! We choose to stop at In and Out Burger…since these do not exist STILL in CO. ūüôā Emma was awake the short 1.5 hour trip to Dallas and slept soundly all the way to Waco.

We arrived to Waco around 4:45pm. And strolled into the Magnolia Market at the Silos shortly after, the exact address is 601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX This was the perfect time to arrive for the first day. First stop the bakery!

Tip 4- The bakery is the LEAST busy at the end of the day. You will still have to wait a bit but not nearly as long as you would during the morning and afternoon hours. So instead of heading straight into the Silos we decided to wait in line (15 min) for our cupcakes first then head inside.

Tip 5- Buy several cupcakes now and eat them throughout your visit. They do not get bad AND you don’t have to wait in line the next day when you return to the Silos. We bought 4 cupcakes and ate them throughout our 3 day visit.

After the cupcakes we went around the Silos and took pictures everywhere! The weather was much cooler and the lighting was superb. We had a blast touring around, eating our cupcake, playing soccer, swinging on the porch, playing in the garden, smelling all the herbs. It was perfect.

Tip 6-¬†Take most of your pics in the evening as there are WAY LESS people then the rest of the day! Seriously…listen again…take all your cute pics during the evening hours as there are a lot less people there and you won’t be stuck waiting in line for pictures/ rushed.

Tip 7- I would recommend visiting during the Fall (Late September when we went was the perfect temps. warm but not melting hot).

Tip 8- If possible visit during ANY of the week days as they are much less crowded than the weekends.

Tip 9- The outdoor area closes at 7pm while the shop closes at 6pm. So we were able to stick around after the rush of shoppers in the store.

We were literally the LAST people on the Silos property! We were all alone taking pictures and enjoying every inch of the Silos ALONE!

Tip 10- My lovely husband found a hotel right outside of Waco in Woodway. Cheaper, only a 10 min drive and we got a semi kitchen suite (we need this for all of Emma’s CF care). This location was also perfect because we were half way between the Magnolia House and the Silos.

Tip 11- The Magnolia house is fun to see in real life, the house seriously looks just as nice in person as on TV and pictures. The address is 323 South Madison Avenue, McGregor, Texas. You are not allowed to enter the grounds, but you can walk all around and still capture the beauty of this BNB!

After visiting the Magnolia House we ventured back towards the Silos…it was shopping time!

Tip 12- The Silos shop is stroller friendly. I would not recommend a double side by side stroller. They do have ramp to get into the shop and an elevator to the back right corner to enter the bottom half of the store.

Tip 13- Parking is free along side streets (just make sure you read the street signs). The Silos have their own free parking located on the back side too.

I can barely express the excitement I felt walking into the store…it was like I was walking into Joanna’s house! The store was decorated beautifully, displays all around captured her style and passion for making a house a home.

Tip 14- This is a personal tip…don’t look at the price tag…haha…you are on vacation and most likely won’t return to the Silo’s any time soon. Just have fun and take home a few of your favs. We bought two caps, one shirt, mug, and chap stick! Everything we could fit in our bags back home.

After our shopping we decided to head to the food truck area and find some lunch.

Tip 15- Cheddar box is to DIE for delicious!

Tip 16- Don’t be shy, find a table with another family and get to know some other Fixer Upper enthusiasts.

We spent a while longer on the lawn, allowing Emma to get out her energy before touring around Waco for the rest of the famous Fixer Upper stops.

Tip 17- Where it all began, the original Magnolia shop. You can’t enter the store but you can take pics and imagine how Joanna’s journey began here. The address is¬†3801 Bosque, Waco, Texas.¬†

Tip 18- Next stop Harp Design, well worth the stop. The shop is darling and everything is very reasonably priced. The address is 808 North 15th Street, Waco, Texas. 

Tip 19-¬†We were those¬†people who had to see some of the real Fixer Upper homes in person. We visited three homes. I don’t have the exact address just the cross streets…you will know which are the Fixer Upper homes immediately!

  • House 1- located on the corner of¬†Castle Avenue and Chateau Avenue
  • House 2- located on the corner of 20th Street and Gorman Avenue
  • House 3- located on the corner of 28th Street and Gorman Avenue

After our tour we stopped by the famous Waco Suspension bridge. This was a beautiful area, peaceful and fun for taking even more pictures!

Tip 20- The Waco Suspension Bridge is located in the Indian Spring Park. Parking is free along the side of the road. The address is 101 N. University Parks Dr, Waco, Texas. 

We then headed back North to Dallas for the duration of our stay. There are many other things I would have liked to do, but traveling with a toddler I made the decision I felt was best for our family. As Emma gets older we may travel back and stop at some of these other Fixer Upper sites.

  • Cuppiecakes 402 West 3rd Street, McGregor, Texas
  • Cedar Chest 31707 West Highway 84, McGregor, Texas
  • Cedar Chest Too 31631 West Highway 84, McGregor, Texas
  • Salvage Sisters¬†1708 Austin Ave, Waco, TX
  • Honey‚Äôs Home Style¬†1700 Austin Ave, Waco, TX
  • Junque Queen¬†1518 Austin Ave, Waco, TX
  • Hey Sugar 808 Austin Avenue, Waco, Texas
  • Common Grounds 1123 South 8th Street, Waco, Texas

Tip 21- Since these shops listed above are all mom and pop shops make sure to call ahead for hours of operation!

Hope y’all found this info helpful! Enjoy!




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