What’s NEW in our world

I love writing on my blog in hopes that I connect with even one new person a day! I find it fun, relaxing and rewarding to write all the latest happenings in my life. I can’t even begin to describe how crazy life can truly get with an energizer bunny….I mean toddler ;). Emma is growing AND talking so much. Every day she says something new…no joke…every. single. day. It’s the best age yet!! You can always find her with a book or doll in hand, while trying to convince her daddy or I to go outside with her. She has been successfully growing her two-year molars, and loves a variety of foods like her mama.

My hubby and I continue to make Colorado Springs our new town, finding new places to eat, shop and play on a monthly basis. I truly love how family oriented this town is! Check out my IG account to follow along our daily adventures.

I continue to love staying home with Emma. It is truly a blessing and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I am also beginning to look into homeschooling Emma, for many different reasons I believe this will be a lovely chapter in our lives.

I will try to add some of the wonderful adventures we went on this summer soon!




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