Mini Staycation- Blackhawk and Central City – CO

So thankful for my special family time. Getting away is not always easy with a toddler with CF but we make it work to the best of our ability. My husband is so sweet, he booked a massage for my mom and I while we were away! People… I haven’t had a massage since before Emma was conceived! We got to stay at the Ameristar Hotel and Casino in Blackhawk- it’s about a 2 hour drive from our house. The perfect distance for a staycation. They have an awesome roof top pool that is covered, so no matter how cold it is outside (in the mountains it can get super chilly at night) you can still enjoy any time of day.

The joy in Ryan’s face is priceless. 

These two make my heart full. 

Oh just look at her grabbing her daddy. 

Mommy’s turn!

Emma sandwich!

Emma LOVES to jump into the pool, she is a daredevil like her daddy. 

Jump Jump Jump! 

My mommy and I before our relaxing massages. 

Exploring Central City.

Her little grin…

Hubby and wifey. 

My perfect little family.

Taking time to smell the flowers!

She is such a gobber! 

She almost fell through the back of this bench…wouldn’t know it by the smile on her face! 

She needs to stay little forever. 

Three generations of beautiful ladies. 

Getting artsy! 

Hubby is a trooper for joining in! 

Look at this beautiful garden….Central City is whimsical. 

They would weigh the gold here!

Taking a breather.

Together almost 11 years!

These two love bugs. 

My gorgeous mama. 

Picture perfect backdrop!

It’s Romeo and Juliets balcony…in the Wild Wild West! 

So much character in this town.

Love the color contrast. 

Main street. 

Let me see that cute tongue. 

Yes, Emma and I enjoy breakfast outside as much as possible! 

On a hike. 

Taking in the beauty God as created all around us. 

So focused.

Gorgeous hiking spots around the area. 

Too pretty. 

Love the color! 


Focus on my blessings. 

Be the bright light the world around you needs.

Hope some of these pictures create enough curiosity to maybe go visit these mountain towns, they are well worth the visit.



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