Fresh Outlook

Sometimes we all need a new beginning, to start fresh….change something in your life enough to bring mystery every day. I believe I got my new beginning once Emma was born. There is never a day where I know everything that will happen. Most mystery novels don’t have as much suspense and twists as a day with a toddler.

As time goes on I begin to embrace this mystery more and more. I can tell you I am not the biggest fan of the unknown, but as with many things, Emma has taught me how important living in the now and how truly unimportant it is to worry about the past nor future. Live in the present and enjoy each breath.


How much I never knew the true meaning of life, until my sweet daughter showed me. I always knew motherhood would be magical but this takes it to another level. Now don’t get me wrong, if you come over to our house Emma is driving me bonkers most of the time but with that crazy I learn how to be a better person each day.


My favorite parts of the day are watching her play by herself. Watching as she learns new things and how the world works. I realize everyday how much a parent teaches their child…we teach them to be better people, care about others, learn to eat, share, clean up, listen, colors and shapes, and so much more! No wonder most parents are ready to have their kiddos start school, it can be exhausting.

With all that exhaustion comes joy. The moment your baby looks at you and says mama…mama, please….I wuv you…you forget about all the sleepless nights and enjoy that beautiful moment with your baby.

That’s my plan now, off for another fun filled day!



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