Christmas 2016 With The Familia

This is more of a photo dump than anything…but so worth scrolling through the cuteness/awesomeness that was our Christmas Eve! 

Matching jammies, cousin love <3 

Can you say WOAH?!? We were VERY good this year! 

Trying to get pictures with little munchkins is rather entertaining. 

Group shot! 

Even bigger group shot! By the way, I know my daughter looks so unhappy…but she actually is the happiest baby! 

Loving on their Nana. 

Emma got to open the first present! 

Oh boy! Scooby-Doo! 

So fun watching her unwrap! 

You can say she…maybe…sorta….LOVED this present! 

Matching Mugs from Mexico! 

My brothers friend Joaquin joined us this year! What a sweet guy, GREAT with little kids, definitely a catch 🙂 


Emma enjoying her Christmas gift from Tata, Kathy and Alen. 

Ya know…being one of the guys! 

Fairy is learning to drive! 

COOL just like dad! 

Broncos ready! 

I think someone needs a nap!

Cuddles with Joaquin…this girl was all about cuddling with him <3 

Time with mama!

Daddy was more excited about this present than anyone else!


Present from baby Emma <3 BEST PRESENT EVER!!!! If you can’t tell by our faces! Hahaha!

Family pic!

To say the least it was more than an eventful Christmas Eve. Such great memories along with the best laughs! Love this crazy familia of mine. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas too.



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