3 Ways to BANK on the Blue AE Credit Card

My diligent husband is always looking for ways to help save us money. He is constantly researching different programs, reading through forums, posting on Reddit etc. Monday morning he came to me and showed me his latest find, the Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card. I was very skeptical to say the least, I’m thinking we really don’t need, another credit card. I have one and that’s more then enough for me. But I kept an open mind as he explained to me the positive’s, short and sweet!

  1. If you apply before Jan. 11th you get 10% CASH back on all your AMAZON orders for the first 6 months. I don’t know about you, but we buy from AMAZON on a weekly basis (diapers are the cheapest there). That’s money in my pocket for items I would normally be purchasing anyways.
  2. You can earn $150 if you spend $1,000 in purchases the first 3 months. Seriously! I spend that much on gas and groceries easily. So BAM I just made $150!
  3. Now the BEST part…you get 6% back on all US supermarkets…which include the KROGER supermarket chain! Can I get an AMEN! This is awesome for my family. As if King Soopers didn’t save me enough money, I now get 6% back 🙂 I am doing the happy dance over here! You also, get 3% back on US gas stations. WOOT WOOT!

Now I need to say, Ryan and I pay off our credit card bills monthly, we never have any left over balance building up interest. So this may not be for those who go about their finances differently. With me staying home, we don’t spend too much extra, making it possible to pay off the typical monthly bills.

I also wanted to share a CATCH- Ryan realized, that if we buy gift cards at King Soopers for other things such as gas, Chipotle, Starbucks, favorite restaurants, department stores etc we get 6% back on that purchase because it was made at King Soopers along with our grocery run! It’s like spending money you would normally spend PLUS getting 6% back! It’s pretty awesome.

I hope this helps some of you be able to pinch the most money possible and have a little extra for date nights or yourself!

Below is the link to read more about it…

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card 



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