Word Focus for 2017

Last year my focus was JOY, I wanted to find joy in all aspects of my life. 2015 had been difficult and I knew I wanted to have a positive look on my life. It’s hard to believe by choosing to find JOY I was truly able to focus on the happy and wonderful instead of the difficult. 

As I sat and pondered what my new word focus for 2017 should be I thought back to some of the most challenging moments in 2016, this allowed me to realize something I was missing.

It was MORE than obvious what I needed….GRACE…plain and simple. I am very hard on myself, I blame myself when things aren’t perfect, when dinner isn’t seasoned perfectly, laundry is not completed, the house not spotless, the bed not made, my clothes not fitting perfectly, Emma getting sick, you name it…I’ve blamed myself and bring myself down without even realizing I’m doing it.  

I feel like women more than men can be their own worst critic. I know I hold myself up to the highest of standards as a wife, mom and daughter of Christ. But the more I’ve been thinking about my life and what is missing, the more I kept coming back to what is not being given? Well, that my friends is GRACE, we all need it at some point in our day. I want to ensure I am the best I can be within my abilities and when I fall short, because I know I will some days- I will give myself the GRACE I need to say it’s ok.  

I hope you challenge yourself and choose a word for you to focus on throughout this next year.

I’d love to hear your choices for 2017! Cheers to the best year yet!




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