Holiday Photo Shoot

Broadmoor Couple

It was a beautiful day in October, the sun was out and the view was majestic. My awesome friend Kristina texted and told me her and some friends were going to the Broadmoor to take some fun pics, she asked if I wanted to join…..I was beyond ecstatic! By now, you must know how much I love the Broadmoor and to have family photos taken there was a dream come true. Emma of course decided she was going to sleep through the beginning half, but her afternoon nap allowed for us to get some delicious lunch while we waited!  I can’t thank Kristina enough for the beautiful pictures she captured, I’m very thankful for our friendship.

Friendship is forever

My prince charming and I.

Kristina and I have known each other a little over 10 years! We met freshman year of college. Sleeping Beauty

Look at sleeping beauty. Colorado Welcome sign

Gotta love beautiful Colorado! Welcome sign with my love

Home sweet home! True friends

I also met Taylor a few months after I met Kristina, I have a lot of beautiful blonde friends 🙂
Broadmoor lake

Taking in the views. Waking Up

Sleeping beauty finally decided to wake up! Mother's loving eyes

Gosh, I love this girl. Little family

Love my little family.

Jones tribe

Jones Tribe! Daddy loves us

Daddy loves his girls!
Jones Gals

Me and my mini-me! Perfection

Emma wasn’t walking yet but she sure was getting close.
Jones fam

I just adore this picture.
Emma Marie

This girl makes my heart melt.
Emma Clapping

God is so good. I thank him every day for this miracle angel.
Model Emma

She was born to model. Heaven on Earth

Picture perfect! Outake

Of course I needed to add a not so picture perfect! Holiday Card

Yep, Heaven on Earth does exist! Admiring my girl

My little love bug!

Daddy's girl

These two complete me, I never knew what love was until I had you both in my life.




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