Gobble Gobble- Thankspotle 2016

We decided to spice up our traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. Let me tell you this year was one for the books! Ryan and I chose to have our meal catered by Chipotle…now many of you may know this is Ryan’s FAVORITE place, so it was treat. He had actually done the summer Chipotle challenge- if you ate at least 11 times at Chipotle for three months straight you would win a FREE 20 person catering party. Well…that was no challenge for my husband…11 times….haha that happens almost monthly for him. It was super easy to pick up the three huge bags full of EVERYTHING we needed…down to the matches for the burners, they thought of it ALL.

This year has been such an adventure for me. Between moving to a “new” city and making our new house a home, we’ve kept busy. Throughout all of this there has never been a moment where I was not thankful for all the blessings in my life. My husband and daughter are the top two. Without their unconditional love and support there would be a big void in my life. They are the biggest blessings.

We got to share this amazing feast with my family and Ryan’s family. It was a full house! Before we sat down to eat we huddled together and for the first time my husband said the blessing. It was an empowering moment to watch and listen to him. He is the head of our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way, this sweet man is truly a gift from God. It brought tears to my eyes.

Our day was full of a lot of food and yummy desserts followed by some hilarious minute to win it games I put together! Laughter and love filled our house.


Oh yes all the food….img_1531

and more…img_1532


and finally chips and dip.img_1534

Our cups- so no one would lose track of their cup!

The best names ever given to us!

Nana and Emma

Nana cuddles are the best.

Setting up

Ken helping me light the burners for all the yumminess! Grandma love

Emma with her Nana and Nina. the look

THIS look…oh boy are we in trouble! cousin love

Cousin love. cousin love 2

Jack sure loves Emma!

Sibling sandwich.


Gotta love Granddaddy loving on his first granddaughter.

Emma playing with her Tio and Tia!

Vroom vroom…outta my way…I’m a walking girl now! img_1549

Loving her time with Nana. img_1554

They’ll be adorable parents! img_1556

Mama and hija love! img_1558

Familia love here! img_1560

He looks like a giant next to my short mama! img_1563



Keeping up with the Jones’

Group picture! dscn5843

Family picture <3 dscn5845

Needed a group with Granddaddy! img_4426

We will gobble till we wobble.img_4429

Love my hubby! img_4430

Hubby vs. Wifey= Wifey domination!

These two love birds are the perfect match!

More game fun! img_1572

Everyone had a blast! img_1573

Nina playing against Jack! Jack (and Ryan) won!! img_1577

They are one VERY competitive couple!

Father against son action here! img_1581

Girls rule! img_1583

Mama beat her munchkins, crippled arm and all ! img_1586

Upside down basketball challenge!


We rocked it!img_1603

This picture is priceless…a picture is worth a thousand words!

-Happy Thankspotle from our family to yours-



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