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As a mom now, time is becoming more precious as we move on. I am always trying to find ways to spend more time with my family doing fun things. I’m also all about keeping Emma away from crowded and germ packed places…such as grocery stores. So Voila! I decided to give the King Soopers Click List a try. I can honestly say this was the EASIEST experience EVER.

I went to their website, found the closest pick up location and began shopping. The nice thing about the King Soopers website is they store your past purchases (from in store and online purchases). A lot of the normal foods I get were located on my main screen just waiting for me to click the quantity. The system still allows you to use all the sale options like buy 10 for $10 etc. They make it really simple to add directions such as I want 4 green bananas and 2 ripe bananas. You can also call them ahead of time and ask them to pick up a warm item such as a rotisserie chicken (you can’t order that online because they have no way of keeping warm for you until you come and pick it up). For your first visit it’s free pickup and for any future visits its $4.95. Now I am more than HAPPY to spend that money for the ease of being able to meal plan and shop from the comfort of my own home!

Click List

Drove up, and called this number. They had my order all ready.
Helpers of Click List

They came up to my window and showed me my receipt to make sure I had everything I ordered I swiped my card then, they loaded my trunk with groceries and we were DONE! Simple as that, it was such a great experience, I would highly recommend this to any mom looking to save some time. Click List Re-usable Bag

They gave me this re-useable bag since it was my first visit! Click List Summary

This is part of the order they have you review before paying, they got me organic strawberries instead of the normal because they were out and I didn’t have to pay the price difference.
More Click List Summary

Highlighted are my specific instructions for certain produce. Starbucks Treat

I had to celebrate this wonderful experience with some Chai and Donut from Starbucks! Yes, I take any chance I get to celebrate with a treat! Happy Click List Customer

I am one VERY happy customer! Way to go King Soopers Click List!



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