Let’s Be Friends – Getting To Know Moi


I love making new friends, here are 22 things you might want to know about me!

1- Love playing board games

2- I was born in Chile

3- Favorite snacks include watermelon and nerds

4- One goal in life is to become trilingual (I already know English and Spanish, next is French)

5- I love organizing…bring on the colored labels

6- Multi-grain Cheerios are my JAM

7- Obsessed with Chai Tea Latte’s

8- I love reading my Bible

9- I really enjoy traveling…I REALLY like to pack

10- If I could live anywhere on Earth I would live in the countryside right outside of Paris

11- Breakfast is the best meal of the day

12- All time favorite show is FRIENDS

13- I watch the Harry Potter Series at least once a year

14- I’m a former Kindergarten teacher

15- I knew I was going to name my daughter Emma since I was a little girl (all my baby dolls were named Emma)

16- If I could shop at Gap for everything, I would

17- I have a geographical tongue

18- My favorite animals are Owls, Llamas, Giraffes and Elephants

19- I’ve only broken one bone in my life

20- Favorite hide away is Barnes and Nobles

21- I really enjoy reading US Weekly to see whats going on in the celebrity world

22- I hate cooking meat, I will only eat it if someone else makes it

I’d love to hear a little about you! Share some fun facts with me!




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