4 Simple and Fun Halloween Party Ideas

I love to host parties…any kinds… I could make up a different theme for every weekend if I had the time and money! We finally live in a home that is perfect for hosting all kinds of gatherings. While my husband drove me to the doctor’s office, I allowed myself a few minutes to glimpse through my Family Fun Magazine. I’m so fortunate that my husband enjoys going all sorts of places with Emma and I, I then get a few quiet minutes in the car to do whatever I’d like.

This months Family Fun Magazine did a phenomenal job at sparking my inner hostess heart. I get so many cute ideas from this magazine, I wish I had more hours in the day to do ALL of it! Here are a few of the ideas I loved the most!

Make sure to check out their site, for more Pinterest worthy gems or you can just subscribe to their monthly subscription. I’ve been reading this magazine since I was in college, I’ve gotten some great ideas for when I would nanny, teach and now as a mom.

Family Fun Magazine

If you could see my face…it’s just as excited as this little girl!

Monster Eye Pasta

Seriously though…how COOL is this PASTA DISH. No one can ever go wrong with a pasta dish, they are always a HIT. Adding some creepy eyes on top makes this perfect for any Halloween bash. Creepy Crawler Bread

This CREEPY CRAWLER BREAD is adorable. Again, I’m a hard core Italian food lover over here…bread and dip is always a crowd pleaser, especially when your bread looks like it could crawl into your lap!! BUAHAHAHalloween Door Decor

This DOOR DECOR is such a great idea to get the kids involved in decorating. Give them all the creepy crawling BUGS available,  paint them (or you can do this before hand), hand them some tape and VOILA.
Apple Lollipops

Lucky last, as I like to say. These APPLE LOLLIPOPS made my mouth water…! You could have these instead of a candy bar at your party, you could have a party just to decorate and make them together, you can give some to the neighbors….I mean the possibilities for these treats are endless. I will be trying this treat very soon!




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