Today I had a beautiful day, it was full of fresh air, exercise, mommy time, play dates, and CHAI TEA. OOOOHHHH I swear I am addicted to my Chai’s! Mmm…if it weren’t so late I would be having another cup right now. The other wonderful thing about today was the many different times I thought how thankful I am about all the support I have in my life.

As mom’s and wives we sometimes get trapped in this cycle where we only help others and never get receive anything back. I don’t mean I don’t feel rewarded and blessed for raising my daughter and loving my husband…I’m talking about having someone else have YOUR back. Some women find it hard to receive help…you can point all those fingers right at me. I’ll be the first to admit I feel guilty about needing help, I feel like I’m saying to others “I can’t handle it all”. As time has passed I’ve gotten better at receiving help or even in some cases asking for it. I think a lot is cultural.  I was raised with the mind set- if you show you are weak in any way, you lose the right to say I’m a strong independent and capable woman.

Well time has taught me other wise. I am so thankful for all the support and help I receive from everyone in my life. I’m sure no one has the time to go through my list…but I can honestly say:

I’m thankful for the partner God gave me

I’m thankful for the unconditional love from my husband, in even the worst and craziest times

I’m thankful for the family who tells me the truth even when it hurts

I’m thankful for the family who listens and loves me even if they are an ocean away

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve had for more than a decade

I’m thankful for the friends who still support me even though they are thousands of miles away

I’m thankful for the new friends God introduces into my life so unexpectedly

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve only met a few times but are willing to help anyways

I’m thankful for the strangers all over the world who have become my friends

I’m thankful for the friends who still hold on to our friendship even though life is crazy busy

I’m thankful for the friends who show me light when there is so much darkness

I’m thankful for the shoulder to cry on when I can’t see any good

I truly have a lot of support surrounding me. This adventure called motherhood is a difficult one, there is no denying it. I try to be a light when it gets dark. If it weren’t for all the special people in my life I’m not sure I would have survived the last 2 years of my life. I know it is all a part of my journey and I will continue down this path a stronger and changed person because of it all. I could write novels on how each and every single person has changed me and supported me…but I’m sure there is something or someone needing your attention right about now… But at this moment I need all those special PEOPLE in my life to know from the bottom of my heart…

Thank You.




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