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I’m excited to say I’m still on my 21 day pilates challenge…I’ve only missed one day and it was due to Emma’s CF clinic day (those days are too long to do anything but the visit). I’m on day 17, I can honestly say the video I workout with is finally getting a little easier. My legs are tighter than ever, my tummy still has a ways to go but hey…I’m working on it, that’s all that matters!

On top of the 20ish minutes pilates video I do every morning, I still try to go on some kind of walk or hike in the late afternoon. I really love this time of day because usually my hubby joins Emma and I during this time. I am so thankful for his support.

Below is the link to the video I like to use, I’ve done a couple of others but this is still my favorite, there are some moves I don’t do and supplement with some crunches instead.

Windsor Pilates 20min Video


As in everything in life you need balance, so working out is just not enough to fully reach a healthy lifestyle. Food is a crucial aspect of life. I can honestly say I’ve never really gone on too many strict diets, I think the craziest one’s I’ve ever done were the Kelloggs Special K 2 week diet and an all smoothie diet.  As a type 1 Diabetic I already have to be careful with not having too many carbs, but I must say I am a diabetic who feels like I can eat anything but in small portions. I in no way starve myself or feel the need to say I can NEVER have a certain food. I believe when you limit yourself too much you begin to crave things more and more. I believe when balancing food you need to always think about portion control. Can you have ice cream for dessert? Well, yes you can…but instead of a huge bowl full… how about just half a cup? Want sprinkles on top? Well, how about a healthier option like nuts or granola? Now I can promise you, just like anyone else, I too have the weak moments when I say “forget it…I’m GETTING the sprinkles”. But I try to not have those moments often.

I in no way live in a home full of only healthy foods, we must all have our favorite indulges at hand once in a while. Now that I am a mommy, I feel like my healthy living has become even more important. I know my daughter looks up to me, I know I am setting an example of how she should eat. I now understand more than ever, how introducing young children to healthy choices will build life long healthy habits.

In our home we eat A LOT of fruit and veggies. I never really enjoyed meat as a child and it’s true till this day, give me ANY veggie and it’ll be gone in minutes…give me a steak and it may take a bit longer. I do have days where I could just die if I don’t eat a hamburger…but usually those don’t come too often. I find my protein from other foods such as nuts, beans, eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese etc.

Emma is in a stage where she puts anything in her mouth but usually it comes right out. She once was a very good eater…now it takes her a little longer to “like” foods. But give this girl any yogurt and she will devour it!

As I try to find healthy affordable foods for my family, I’ve been looking for ways to easily use coupons. Well thanks to @savingwithsavannah I have found the way! This is an app you download for FREE! It locates rebates and coupons for you.

All you do is- buy the item-get home and scan the barcode-take a picture of your receipt- then BAM money in your pockets. There is NO COST involved, once you reach usually $20 in savings (which is super easy) you can get it transferred to PayPal, or you can choose a gift card to be sent in the mail.

It is SERIOUSLY as EASY as that! I mean honestly…who doesn’t want to make money by spending it!!! You can use these rebates with coupons or sales already offered at the store. Now this is not just for food items they have some other things like cleaning, clothes, dog food, beer, wine etc. It gets even better, the more people on your team the MORE you make! It’s super fun to have family and friends join your team and work together to make easy money!


Here is the IBOTTA website, where you can read more about it…just in case you don’t believe me. 🙂

And if you want to join my team use code: slywwkv

Let’s make some money together!

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