Fab Five On Friday

one– Falling in love with the show Good Witch…such a sweet show, sometimes it’s nice to watch drama’s… but sometimes it’s just as nice to watch some wholesome, good value shows. The characters are relatable and genuinely kind-hearted.


two– Looking into potential grocery pick up or drop off services. I’ve been researching Walmart and King Soopers. As the season gets cooler and people walk around with sniffly noses I’m trying to figure out how to eliminate my exposure to all of it! I feel like I’m one of the craziest mama’s out there, but anything for my sweet baby girl. Anyways back to grocery services, I think I’m going to need to try both out and compare quality, time, and efficiency…more to come in a few weeks with my findings!


three– Madly in love with my little family! We took an awesome hike yesterday at North Cheyenne Canon Park. The weather was perfect and the sun felt delightful on our skin. I have to give a shout out to LILLE Baby carriers, so amazingly comfortable…it feels like I’m not even carrying an extra 25 pounds on my back!


Emma loves a bit of motion to fall asleep…this hike was perfect! img_0682

Teehee how sweet is my little family!


Beautiful view! (Don’t worry Emma can breathe it’s just a weird angle)


Mommy and little mini me!


Emma was about to fall asleep during this picture.


Take the road less taken…an adventure always awaits…that’s exactly what we decided to do…look toward the left and you will see our path.

four– Can I tell you how much I LOVE STARBUCKS…I may or may not be obsessed! AND to make things worse I may be addicted to the cake pops…I mean seriously how cute are these Mummy-pops…


five– I’m on day 8 of my 21 day pilates challenge. I decide to challenge myself to 21 consecutive days of working out and toning my body. I’ve needed to start losing the extra baby weight and show my daughter by example how important exercise and taking care of yourself truly is. I know as she grows up it will be even more fun doing activities together!




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