Mini-Vacation From Blogging

Let’s begin to catch up on this thing called life.

The beginning of August was full of anxiety in the Jones casa. Emma caught her first cold…EVER…and it was a doozy! It was SO very stressful trying to get in all the extra sessions of Hyper-tonic Saline (nebulizer treatments) along with her inhaler and Chest thumping and don’t forget the antibiotics! We got to a point where we were doing 4 rounds a day…each sessions usually lasts 40ish mins. Imagine a 14 month old baby trying to sit still while feeling like garbage …while having to inhale something that makes you cough uncontrollably. Poor babes was such a trooper! I AM SO PROUD OF HER!


Doing some nebulizer treatments, this baby is not happy about it. img_0162Look at her red little nose!

One of the most difficult hours of my life, this baby finally fell asleep after coughing up mucus for an hour. It broke my heart into a million pieces.  img_0133

Sleeping after yet another nebulizer treatment. img_0121

Miss pouty face!


She was so miserable. Poor baby girl!

And of course, I must add that one of my closest friends Stephanie came for a visit right during the middle of all this mess. I felt SO bad! We had such awesome plans to adventure around Colorado Springs and well…it didn’t end up happening…at least not the way we wanted. As for any child, it was more dangerous for Emma to be out then just resting at home. We did get  a few fun things in but not nearly as much as we had planned. But on the bright side, it gives Stephanie an excuse to visit again…soon!

Emma was showing off her ballerina jammies for Auntie Stephanie! img_0323

Gorgeous walk at the Broadmoor! img_0328

Friends since 6th grade. img_0330

This library was straight out of Beauty and the Beast!


Fancy elevator selfie!


Hiking baby!

Natural beauty 5 mins from our house. We are so lucky!

Late August into September was one big study session. I began taking night classes from 5pm-10pm Monday-Thursdays.  I was studying to become a CNA (certified nurses assistant) for Emma. God blessed us with this opportunity. There are not many states which allow parents to be the CNA for their own child. I’m so thankful for our case manger who approached us with this amazing information. For the CNA class we had weekly tests, quizzes and pop quizzes, I had to read at least a chapter a night (easier said then done with a 14 month old) AND then we had 3 days of clinicals (hands on time to practice all the skills we were learning). At the end of this all we had to complete two tests: 1-written 130 questions 2-skills test (we had no more than 20 mins to complete 5 skills at random,  if we potentially missed any bold steps we would fail the whole course)…talk about pressure. But after hours upon hours of studying I passed the written exam AND got a perfect score on the skills (which my professor in the 18 years of teaching has never given anyone a perfect score) I was BEYOND proud of myself!



This cutie keeping me strong while I was away from home so much! img_0293


So thankful for Ryan and all his support during this time, it was really hard being away from Emma but knowing she was with her daddy made it better!

Now, we’ve been back completing more projects in our home and celebrating MANY birthdays in September. More to come soon!



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