Weekend at Tata’s House

The Jones family went on a trip up North to Arvada, CO. We had a blast visiting with Tata (Spanish for grandpa), Kathy and cousin Alen! Emma and cousin Alen are just four months apart in age which makes their playtime super fun. I especially love listening to them talk to each other, I wish I could understand the funny things they must be telling each other! Alen is such a sweet boy, he is very curious about Emma. He is a fast moving machine…which I’m hoping if Emma watches him long enough she will want to chase after him. It melts my heart when I see them share with one another, the innocents and gentle love between young children is priceless!

We ended up staying two nights, this mama is always prepared for many more nights than planned. The neighborhood my dad and Kathy live in is beautiful, it’s a brand new development with several parks and pools within walking distance. We always have some of the best food when we visit my dad, this time was no exception! We had a traditional Chilean breakfast, BBQ, s’mores and of course always yummy snacks on hand. Ryan, Emma and I don’t get to visit too often so when we do it’s always a special time. Our visits are always full of laughter, chatting and fun walks. Here are a few pics that captured some beautiful memories.


Emma Marie’s FIRST time on a swing! And yes, we placed a pink cover over the swing to keep her away from any potential germs. IMG_9620

Taking a break and enjoying the crazy thunder clouds coming in our direction.


This girl is a daredevil! She is an adrenaline junky like her daddy. IMG_9623

Alen and Emma LOVE each other! They are the best of buddies. IMG_9626

Oh My Goodness her SMILE says it all. IMG_9633

Daddy was having just as much fun as Emma. IMG_9635

Emma wanted to take a break and blow kisses to everyone. IMG_9640

Riding the funny grasshopper! IMG_9646

BZZZZZing with Dada! IMG_9655


Had to head home quickly, after the storm roared in. IMG_9660

Next day, Emma got to go into a pool for the FIRST time! This was a huge deal, as I’ve been having the hardest time with exposing her to any sort of water. Kiddos who have Cystic Fibrosis can get a bacterial infection from tap water and it can be really bad. Emma unfortunately cultured a rare bacteria from water in May (even with all the precautions I took) and so I’ve been monitoring her extra carefully. But I also know that my daughter can not live in a bubble so I had to swallow my worries and let her be a kid (even though I felt like I was going to faint from anxiety). IMG_9692

She was so curious and happy with the water! IMG_9694

All smiles! IMG_9697

She kept throwing her hat off so I had to wear her’s and mine! I also made sure to keep a towel on me to wipe her face of any water that landed near her mouth. This is the crazy world I live in now….and I wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING!! IMG_9705

The babies and mamas having a blast! IMG_9709

Emma enjoying some fresh air outside. IMG_9715

These two buddies are the cutest!

Alen felt the need to give Emma a wet willy! IMG_9727

An amazing few days!



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