Motivation Monday |Feeling Like a Poet

“If you can’t be a poet, be the poem.” – David Carradine

Having English as my second language, always made me self conscious about my writing. I, in no way was an A+ student in ANY of my English classes. I would avoid writing at any cost! When I think about poetry I don’t envision perfect grammar, perfect sentence structure, not even perfect spelling. Poetry comes from the soul, it can be thoughts, emotions, anything you can imagine.

While at Barnes and Nobles this weekend I came across this quote. It inspired me. I feel like I was never meant to be the poet, but life sure has shown me how to be the poem. The journeys I’ve been on would leave some people speechless. I’m very blessed to be on this path, I look forward to the many adventures to come. I hope that I can provide my daughter with a similar walk- as I know not how long she has on this Earth and I pray every day that her life will be full.

I pray Emma’s journey will

gives hope to others

remind people to live in the now

focus on enjoying the little things

bring happiness into other’s lives

cause others to rejoice in all the beauty surrounding us

change the world-for the better




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