July 4th Weekend

What an amazing Fourth of July weekend! We had a jam-packed schedule. We started the weekend with a wonderful lunch with both Ryan and I’s moms, salad, potato casserole and some delicious blueberry muffins. After lunch and some play time with Emma, we decided to take a walk around the beautiful Broadmoor!

DSCN5446Emma was enjoying listening to her daddy play the piano. This little lady is all about music, she loves all different sounds and especially mimicking what she hears. DSCN5450

If I let her, she would sit all day and listen to her dada!

I mean seriously…how cute are these two together. I swear when I see the way they look at each other my heart just melts into a puddle!

Yep, her first time sitting on a piano…I’m sure it’s not her last. DSCN5463

Of course we needed a family picture to remember the beauty of God’s creations. I’m so blessed to have Ryan by my side and Emma as my lovely daughter. DSCN5468

Next day, Emma’s Tio Felipe and Auntie Alysia came to spend some time with us. Emma just loves these two amazing people in her life. IMG_9831

Yep…going to a dog park can be exhausting…especially in 85 degree weather! IMG_9832Mama and Dada went on a double date with Tio and Alysia, we had a BLAST trying to beat Ryan at putting…no such luck this round…maybe next time! Any how, I decided to enjoying the props around the course and take wild pictures riding a Rhino- it will be the only time in my life I can ride a Rhino!  🙂 IMG_9840

Putt – Putt was followed by Ryan’s favorite past time- skating. This guy can role circle’s around me. I unfortunately fractured my toe so I was unable to join in the festivities but danced my heart out on the side lines. IMG_9844

So jealous of how GOOD he is! I swear he blows my mind! IMG_9848

Fourth of July morning breakfast. I LOVE COLORADO! I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE! Enjoying meals on the patio has by FAR been my favorite part of our new home! IMG_9852

This silly fish needed to cool down, so we decided to enjoy our bath tub outside. This summer baby is all about the water, I think she may be half fish! IMG_9855

My heart is so full of love for these two humans- there is nothing better in life than LOVE!

Emma and I had so much fun being silly with the camera. She does not get to play with cell phones EVER- but she sure is entertained by them!

Some family putt-putt.  My mom + Scott+Ryan+Emma= serious competition! IMG_9874

Emma and I rather smile and enjoy the scenery! IMG_9879

Emma loves her nana- she lights up when she hears her voice, nana is magical! IMG_9882

Emma is blowing kisses to the end of her FIRST Fourth of July  that she could actually CELEBRATE!  Cheers to many more sweet cheeks!



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