May Magic

May was a wonderful month. It was full of adventures in our new home! There were MANY projects worked on, I learned just because you buy a newly built house does not mean it is move in ready. We had to ensure we made this house into a home. I must say- I love COLOR, but with this house I wanted our theme to be Modern Farmhouse. Separate post to come. Now back to the magical moments in May!

She is the silliest baby around.
IMG_8559Mufasa falls in love with Emma a little more each day!


The morning of my FIRST Mother’s Day. What an amazing blessing to be a mother. I never understood how strong the love between a mother and her child, until I became a mama. I’m so proud each and every day to take care of my sweet angel. I thank my husband for giving me the opportunity to be a mother and the ability to stay home and watch as she grows every single day.

Look at those sweet cheeks!!! IMG_3860

Emma wanted to go outside and play for a while, she is all geared up. IMG_8613

Emma took a selfie while mama wasn’t looking! I must say she nailed it!!

FIRST TIME STANDING TALL. Due to her preemie status, Emma has a weak core which led us to having physical therapy once a week in our home. I can not thank Miss. Lynette enough all her motivation and support down this road has been unimaginable. For the first 9 months of her life, Emma would refuse to put any weight on her feet….but look at her now!!!! So proud of my STRONG fighter!!!

Making pictures for granddaddy while he was away in England!

These two love bugs! IMG_8694

Mufasa enjoying these gorgeous summer days. IMG_8695

She does a great job about keeping her sunglasses on, trying to keep her eyes as safe as possible. IMG_8720

Mama’s chunky little lady!!

Watermelon for the first time on these HOT HOT days!



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