January-April Shenanigans

Sorry for the mini vacation I’ve taken from the blog. Life has been on overdrive since January. We moved into a new home located in Colorado Springs, and have been working on projects ever since. Our family of three has been moving at lightening speed!

Here are a few highlights!


Woohoo for 2016! Bring it on! Emma didn’t stay up too late…her normal 7 pm bedtime! IMG_7502

She sure does find it peaceful when we go on walks. IMG_7483

Daddy’s little lady…man are we in trouble! IMG_3528

When daddy has allergies in the middle of Winter…he is weird! We take all precautions! IMG_7595

Sweet Miss waiting for mommy to finish pumping some yummy milk for her.

My friend Amanda and I have been reading this book together, one thousand miles apart- Colorado to Indiana. I just LOVE Candace Cameron, she is very inspirational to me. IMG_7603

Finally big enough to sit in the booster seat! Emma is excited!

Not sick, but visiting a doctor’s office makes me a wreck…when in doubt I wear a mask. There is NO WAY I am bringing home germs to my sweet girl.

Strolling around on this beautiful January day. Gotta love Colorado and the random 60 degree days in January. IMG_7645Emma tried avocado for the FIRST TIME!! We were both super excited for this first EVER feeding!!!! So proud of my sweet thing!


Bubble bath time with daddy…yes she likes to lean back and soak in the ambiance- funny little lady.IMG_7676

Emma is a true Princess in training.IMG_7716

If only this shirt were true…Wild about Sleep…more like Wild about Waking up mom and dad! IMG_3558

My little love bug <3

Mufasa and Emma are really starting to bond…Sarabi on the other hand hides under Emma’s crib. IMG_3576

Man he’s got the life…sunbathing in February! IMG_7786

Entertaining ourselves one very cold winter day. IMG_7795


The WHOLE family is ready to cheer on the BRONCOS!!!!! GO PAYTON!!!

A princess and her castle! IMG_3618

God created a halo around our sweet girl. It is evident everywhere we go.

Emma LOVES her Berenstain Bears as much as mommy!!!!! IMG_7897

Had to document our first EVER pair of shorts. Look at those chunky legs! IMG_7922

A gorgeous walk on the Santa Fe trail with Ryan’s mom (Nina) for her birthday! IMG_7956

The hubby and I were counting down the days till Fuller house by re-watching the WHOLE Full House series!IMG_7986

So this happened… within 5 days we were under contract and sold/ moved out within 30 days! The Denver market is beyond HOT HOT HOT we were able to get 5 offers within 48 hours and all above asking price. Our realtor was explaining how there is a shortage of homes in the metro Denver area…usually there are around 12,000 homes on the market but when we sold only around 5,000. CRAZY!

Twinsies! IMG_3669

A girl and her dog. IMG_8032

Emma loves modeling clothes, especially ones that her Jeje (aka great grandmother) MADE her!!

People watch out…we are teething. Emma decided that she would have two teeth come in at the same time, I guess she really wanted to see how much teeth pain she could tolerate. IMG_8107

We survived these two first teeth with MANY smiles, she is such a strong fighter! IMG_3685

Twinsies again! We had to document our first visit to IKEA. Just in case you were wondering her shirt says- I’m cute, Mom’s cute, Dad’s lucky! Bhahaha! IMG_8147

Typical, CRAZY, INSANE Colorado blizzard! IMG_8271

Celebrated our first Easter. Look how cute my little bunny is!

Cousin Alena holding Emma for the first time, Emma was mesmerized by her!

Mommy’s first night out away from Emma! Had to celebrate in style. FRONT ROW TO CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!! IMG_3707

Carrie is an inspirational role model for me, her passion, faith and drive remind me everyday of the capability I have!

We went furniture shopping for the new house…and Emma found a chair she LOVES! IMG_8297Such a fun day date with the family! Clue rooms are AWESOME!!!!


We failed…did not solve the mystery but man did we have fun. IMG_8308

Emma is very interested in her cousin Alen’s drumIMG_3764

Moving day is here, the biggest U-HAUL for the Jones family. It is scary to think this vehicle holds everything we own. IMG_8314

Find Emma in the moving and packing mess. Moving with a baby is difficult, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone…but we made it and we got settled after a long moving process! IMG_3779

Last pictures as home owners of our first home on Briarhollow Lane! The memories in this home will be cherished forever IMG_3783

Emma loving her last picture in her very FIRST home! IMG_8324

It’s OFFICIAL we are moving to COLORADO SPRINGS! IMG_8327

After a CRAZY long day of moving, had to enjoy some Chipotle. IMG_8331

The mess called our dining room/living room. IMG_8389

This is Emma’s version of helping us unpack!

We are loving our new backyard! IMG_8510

Family walks are amazingly peaceful in the foothills of the Rockies! IMG_8536

Emma got to meet her new best friend baby Lyla! Two generations of friendships!

Working on her arm strength, our physical therapist Miss. Lynette would be so proud! IMG_8579

Emma is one of the goofiest babies around!



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