November Memories

What a magical time of year November was. In the Jones casa we were getting pumped for Emma’s first Holiday season and we were MORE than ready to start decorating for Christmas. We were also in full cold/flu season panic. There were very limited visitors to our home and lots of precautions once they did step foot INTO the house. We only went out to doctor’s visits…we stayed cozy inside hibernating like bears! Here are a few of my favorite November memories.

IMG_6656Look at the difference time makes. 

IMG_6659Doing our hypertonic saline, to help clear Emma’s lungs out. This causes her to cough up any mucus she may have stuck to her lungs, but most likely it’ll come out the back exit in her diapers!

IMG_6665The few moments I have to myself while Emma naps…well almost all to myself!

IMG_6671Doing some chest physical therapy while playing!

IMG_6674She fell asleep while doing her CPT.

IMG_6678Emma loves the owl one of my sweet students got her. I know I will forever cherish all the thoughtful gifts friends and families got, but the gifts from my Kindergarteners will always have a special place in my heart.

IMG_6682Beautifully said.

IMG_6743I love being her mommy!

IMG_6761“I wear my sunglasses at night”

DSCN5259Granddaddy holding Emma for the first time!

DSCN5260Emma’s Nina and Granddaddy.

DSCN5264Emma needed some food after all the excitement!

IMG_6768This is how Emma likes to take naps now, she created her own sleep mask out of her head band!

IMG_6800Wearing her anchors for Veterans day to support her Uncle Felipe who is in the Navy and also her Granddaddy who was in the Navy !

IMG_6810Mommy and Emma going on an adventure!

IMG_6820I love when she sleeps in my arms. I know this won’t last forever so I truly allow time to stop and just watch her as she sleeps.

IMG_3422 Too cute!

IMG_6829Emma likes to read already! This was before she realized she could put things into her mouth.

IMG_6833Emma napping, and I’m enjoying scrapbooking!

IMG_6844Bonjour Emma Marie!

IMG_6873Holding her toy for the FIRST TIME!!!!

IMG_6883We are ready for Christmas!

IMG_6905Family quality time cuddling!

IMG_6913 How cute is this snow bunny??

IMG_6918Daddy loving on his little angel.

IMG_6923 Mufasa and Sarabi LOVE when it snows!!

IMG_6932Santa and her elf!

IMG_6936Sarabi pouting because she wants to stay outside!

IMG_6942Nighttime treatments, these last about 30 mins.

IMG_6952 Snow bunny!

IMG_3433Emma, and her AMAZING Dr. M on clinic day! At the beginning we had appointments every two weeks…then once a month…now every two months…so thankful for all the CF team and their guidance.

IMG_6961 Emma wanted to try her booster seat…she isn’t ready yet…but getting close!

IMG_6973 This is her “I’m sleeping, don’t bother me look”…it’s a little intense…she is all about her rest.

IMG_6983 Holding on to my finger while she eats, we have separation anxiety hahaha!

IMG_7007 My lovely family of three!

IMG_7004 Tummy time! Her least favorite time of day!

IMG_7002 The Jones family is ready for Christmas!

IMG_7001 LOVE our Martha Stewart tree…everyone thought it was a real tree!


IMG_7015Crafting while baby sleeps.

IMG_7013Thanks Tio for my awesome onesie!

IMG_7032 Thanksgiving at my mom’s, Ryan is the sweetest man. He is always willing to listen and help where needed!

IMG_3449 I guess I was more excited about the stocking my grandma made for Emma. She’ll appreciate it when she’s older!

IMG_7058 Happy FIRST Thanksgiving world!

IMG_7067 Gobble gobble!

IMG_7073Wait…I lost Emma in her daily load of laundry! YES, I said daily…in my efforts to help Emma stay healthy she only uses blankets, bibs, onesies, socks, burp clothes,towels,sheets, sleep sacks, ONCE before I wash them again.
IMG_7080Can there be anything sweeter than your baby falling asleep in your arms?

IMG_7098 This little lady knows how to rock her sunglasses!

IMG_7111In preparation for Christmas, Emma has begun reading her Berenstain Bears Christmas Book! 



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