October Memories

Hello y’all! In an effort to catch up to more recent happenings in the Jones CASA I decided to push the fast forward button and cruise through a little faster! Ever since Early October we’ve been in hibernation mode.

Emma’s first cold and flu season was about to begin and this mama bear was in attack mode toward ANY kinds of possible germs. The struggle is REAL. In efforts to keep Emma as healthy as possible our pediatrician advised she take the monthly Synagis shots. She was the perfect candidate. This shot contains virus-fighting antibodies that can help protect high-risk infants from severe RSV disease, Emma needs to have a shot every 28–30 days, and the doses get increase as her weight increases. Now let me tell you the syringe they use makes me want to faint…it is a good 2 inches and they jab it in her thigh muscle. There is no cry like the one that comes from a shot. I have been taking shots for 20 years due to my diabetes but to watch my daughter have to take these shots is painful…I wish I could take the shot for her! Ryan and I understand this is to help Emma stay healthier, but this mama bear still aches.

October brought many new “firsts” for Emma Marie. I feel like every month brings so many beautiful memories that it’s hard to choose which to share. But here are a few of my personal favorites!

IMG_6293FIRST time in CHIPTOLE!! If you know anything about Ryan Jones, you know this is his ALL time favorite place to eat! It was a fun family outing.

IMG_3282Look at the view!

IMG_3285We had a blast with Emma on our adventure.

IMG_3306Mufasa still isn’t sure about the neublizer machine…it’s really loud. He is also making sure Emma is ok!

IMG_6373Ah!!! Emma’s FIRST visit to COSTCO!!! Now, if you know anything about me…you know the crazy OBSESSION I have with COSTCO!

IMG_6389Let me take a minute to drool over these scrumptious mini-bundts. If you EVER want to have the best bundt cakes and icing to EVER be made…you should visit The Bundt Shoppe…you won’t regret it…well actually you may… you might become addicted like Ryan and I!

IMG_6399At some point Emma liked her paci…for like a day…here and there! I think she liked hugging something more then the paci in her mouth.

IMG_3341Loving on our first fur baby! As much as he HATED the vet visit, I think he enjoyed his alone time with us.

IMG_6468Emma’s night time Pulmozyme treatment (this takes about 15mins), some days she would sleep right through it…other’s I had to hold her to keep her happy!

DSCN5218Four generations strong! Emma got to meet her GREAT-Grandma (aka jeje)!

DSCN5241Can I just brag a little about my husband…He is the BEST man alive. YEP!  🙂

IMG_3348Our monthly Cystic Fibrosis’s Clinic visit. These visits are LONG…about 4 hours worth of meeting different parts of the team. But, mommy and daddy keep a smile on their faces for sweet Emma Marie. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our daughter.

IMG_6484Needed some fresh air, so Emma got all geared up for a beautiful Autumn day walk.

IMG_6492This girl and her daddy…enough said!

IMG_6500Doing  morning round one of two chest therapy. I have to thump the pink cup you see in my hand for 15 mins on the front and back of Emma’s chest. This helps loosen up any mucus that might be trying to stick to her lungs. Some days Emma and I sing to the mucus and how we want it to go away and never come back. This helps keep me and her in good spirits!

IMG_6501Auntie Bre came to visit! All visitors must wear masks during cold and flu season…Jones casa rule!

IMG_6527When Nana comes to visit it’s like Christmas!

IMG_6533Mommy and Emma are both tired during this nebulizer treatment!

IMG_6538My three favorite babies!

IMG_3372The shirt says it all…and also that grin!

IMG_3377Trying on the hat Nana knit for baby Emma!

IMG_6567That look- melts my heart!

IMG_6579I am the master of multitasking…ask anyone who as worked with me! I live to get things done…efficiently!

IMG_6601Had to try our first of two Halloween costumes! She is my super-girl…her strength and bravery make me strive to be the best mommy I can be!

IMG_6611To infinite and beyond!

IMG_3388Going shopping with my grandma is always the best…yes that is the receipt…we may have gone a bit bonkers…but we always have a blast together!

IMG_3392Don’t worry I adjusted her head after this pic…she just looked too sweet not to grab a snap! The best sleep is while holding hands!

Oh time, I wish I could press the pause button. My sweet angel is growing up so fast, I’m so thankful I get to share these beautiful memories with family and friends.



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