Happy Halloween

As we move into the fun festive holidays we zoom into Emma’s FIRST Halloween! We had fun celebrating at my dads house (aka Tata), with his wife Kathy and son Alen- they make the sweetest little family! Kathy always does such a great job of hosting, the cinnamon chips she had just about sent me bonkers! They were DELICIOUS! My brother, his g/f and son Leon also joined us. Now let me explain it was difficult for me to be around that many people with Emma. I did carry Emma in my Moby wrap for the majority of the time and kept her in the office for a bit too when she was awake. I really didn’t want to expose her to that many possible germs. YES I WAS THAT CRAZY….actually I still am THAT CRAZY about germs. Even before Emma, I was cautious about germs but after having her it’s in overdrive. Anyways back to Halloween!

Ryan and I decided we were going to be the Jones pumpkin patch! 

IMG_3395Mufasa is not thrilled about his costume…but he looks darling 🙂

IMG_3398The cutest pumpkin in the patch!

IMG_3409Sarabi is liking how adorable she looks!

IMG_6621My sweet mini me.

IMG_6623My dad, with his son Alen. I can’t begin to describe how much Alen and Emma LOVE each other…they are fascinated by one another.

IMG_6627Family pic on the patio…I don’t know which is more beautiful…us or the view!

IMG_6630Tata holding Emma for the first time. I will cherish this memory forever. The way my dad gazed at Emma- brought tears to my eyes. There is a love between a grandfather and his granddaughter that is precious.

IMG_6638Emma’s Tio Felipe and cousin Leon. Again, Emma is in LOVE with her cousin…but I mean look at that face…who wouldn’t love Scooby-Doo!

IMG_6647The two mama’s and their babies. Kathy was the queen bee and Alen was a part of her colony. Look at Alen, he just want’s to grab Emma’s adorable cheeks!

It was a wonderful FIRST Halloween for Emma Marie! We are so thankful for our family!



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