Hiking Fun

The Jones family had an awesome hiking adventure at the South Suburban trails. We decided to take my mom and Ryan’s aunt Tina on a gorgeous walk near our home. The High Line Canal Trail is a 5 min drive from our house! I recommend this trail to anyone who wants to enjoy a leisurely walk with beautiful water and mountain views.




As we geared up and packed Emma’s bag, it literally looked like we were MOVING…we were planning on being out of the house for several hours! It was so nice to do something different where we didn’t have to worry about germs! Until this moment we had hibernated inside for the majority of the time.

Y’all let me tell you how adorable aunt Tina is, she’s the perfect southern belle! She comes at least once a year to visit from South Carolina. Her sweet southern accent makes anyone’s heart melt. She is one of the kindest woman you will ever meet. This was an even more special day because it was Tina’s birthday!!!  Ryan and I were so excited to share this walk with her and my mom, some of our favorite ladies!


Aunt Tina got to push the stroller! Emma was excited to be looking at a new face. IMG_3202

So happy to be together! IMG_3204

Gorgeous views! IMG_3205

We wear PINK on walks!

I love my sweet tiny family. So thankful to God for our blessings!

We had to take a break for Miss.Emma Marie to eat her lunch. IMG_3212

Love my mama! IMG_3215Aunt Tina admiring darling Emma!

IMG_3217It was a BIG deal to let someone else feed Emma, but it was a wonderful birthday present for Tina! Can’t wait for her to come back and visit!



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