First Day’s Home

Ryan and I were so excited to have Emma home! It was such a whirlwind adventure. The first few days were full of many HIGHS and just a few scary lows. Bringing home a sweet baby girl on oxygen takes a lot of courage. I am so proud of the team my husband and I are, together we can do anything. Here are the first few days in pictures!IMG_5774

Our FIRST visitor…as soon as we got home the rest of Emma’s oxygen was delivered to us.

This was HEAVEN to me. I was so thankful for ALL the prayers our family and friends said for Emma to finally be healthy at home. I was on cloud nine! I did NOTHING but sit and watch Emma sleep in my arms. IMG_5780

Mama’s sweet little angel!

Yes we LOVED napping together. We are cuddle bugs! IMG_5785

I swear I LIVED on the couch in our living room for the first few weeks. It was fantastic! I was still shocked I could hold Emma without having to ask a nurse…it was a real struggle…I HATED having to ask someone if I could hold MY daughter…so to be able to hold her ALL day long and do whatever I wanted was truly incredible. IMG_5787

Funny story I must share- Our pooch Sarabi was THRILLED to have Ryan and I back home all the time! Our furry babies are very attached to us. The last 2.5 months were REALLY hard on them too. They had never been separated from us so much…EVER. Ryan works from home and so they are constantly in human contact. They are spoiled…we know! So you can only imagine how they felt when we were both gone from early morning hours to late evening time. It was heart breaking to them, I’m sure at many points they thought we had abandoned them. My heart did ache because I know how much they love us and we love them too…but baby Emma got placed in the number one priority now. Throughout all the madness, poor Sarabi got depressed, she actually made herself sick…she was so depressed…it got to the point that we had to take her to our local vet and she had to be placed on an IV because she became so dehydrated. It was beyond difficult to have our daughter in the NICU, our furry daughter in the ER and our furry son all ALONE at home weeping. Let me say one thing-overload. My poor heart could barely handle everything that was happening all at once. Sarabi got released after about 36 hours of observation. She came home with some special medication we had to give her twice a day. No sooner after did Mufasa start showing the same signs…but we were able to save him from an ER visit as Emma was released around the same time! Thank GOD!! DSCN5149

The bottle was as BIG as her head!! IMG_5797

Gotta lug the oxygen around all over the house…necessary BUT not fun! Can you say arms of steal after all the heavy lifting I was doing!! DSCN5151

She was ok with her swing..for about 15 seconds…then… no more! IMG_3096

The WHOLE familyDSCN5155

Ahh, wonderful nap time IMG_5808

Just a little cranky…IMG_3107

..few minutes later…calm as a clam! But seriously look at that tushy!!!

“Mommy what is this thing you have me playing in?”IMG_3121

Peace! IMG_3117

This is how us Jones girls move around the house! DSCN5169

After bath time faces.


Daddy and his little angel.

There is no place I rather be than at home with my two favorite people and furry babies. I am blessed… and I don’t take it for granted! 

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. 

Nahum 1:7



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