Scariest Moment Of My Life

Saturday June 6th, started like any other day…but ended unlike anything I could have ever imagined. The day was normal, per my doctor I was on bedrest and taking it very seriously. Since being diagnosed with mild preeclampsia I did not want to take any chances of hurting Emma in any way, so I was glued to either my bed or couch.

Ryan and I had left his parents house and were on our way home. We arrived and greeted our pooches! They were so happy for us to be home. I walked up our flight of stairs and opened the backdoor for them. Then, I started feeling light headed… I started seeing weird lights in my line of vision… thinking it might have been my blood sugar I checked my number. It was 94, it was excellent… then I started to sweat, I was breathing a bit heavier now… I told Ryan I wasn’t feeling well.

Ryan helped me get into bed, we checked my blood pressure…it was HIGH , the highest we had ever seen it… I decided to call the on call doctor. I left a messege describing my symptoms. At this point i was breathing even heavier…I really knew something was wrong…I was terrified that I was about to go into a seizure…I was trying to stay calm…I talked to myself ensuring it was all going to be ok…but it wasn’t…I started feeling numbing and tingling on my left arm that went down my hand…I then couldn’t feel my hand…I was staring at Ryan when I realized I couldn’t feel the left side of my face…then came the final straw…I couldn’t feel my tongue…my speech was slurred…Ryan on the phone with his sister was trying to ask me questions but all I could do was breathe…I had no idea what was happening. I was in a stage of panic…and my husband was right there with me. I started to cry…I tried talking but the words were not coming out clearly…Ryan looked at me with these eyes of sheer FEAR. Whatever was happening was real…and we had no idea what to do… the doctor called us back within 4 mins. By this point I was slowly getting some feeling back…I explained to her what had happened and she was pretty calm about it… let me clarify this was the on-call doctor not my primary. She said since it had stopped that we could wait and see how I felt in the next hour and then make a decision…except Ryan and I WEREN’T waiting an HOUR! We called my brother to come watch the pooches, packed a bag and we headed straight to the ER.

Once we got there we checked in and were immidelty taken back. The nurse started checking all my vitals…she wanted to get me to labor and delivery so we could place the monitors on Emma as well. I remember being so cold when I was getting wheeled around the hospital. At this point, I did not know that would be the last time I would breathe fresh air for almost a week. After retelling our story the doctor wanted to have an MRI done of my brain…she wanted to make sure everything was ok…they suspected I had a minor stroke…STROKE…STROKE?…yes at the age of 27 and 29 weeks pregnant a doctor uttered those words to me.


This was the beginning of Emma’s journey into the world.



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