The Beginning of Forever

Let’s fast forward to May 29th, the day after I got done with my fifth year of teaching Kindergarten. I was a balloon, honestly I could have flown away if I weren’t weighed down by my huge cankles.


I was not feeling good that day, I could tell there was something not right about how swollen I was, being a Type 1 diabetic swelling anywhere on your body was a scary thought. I called my doctors office and asked if I could move my appointment from that upcoming Monday to today. I explained I wasn’t feeling well and I was huge! They were thankfully able to squeeze me in at 3:20.

As soon as my doctor walked into the room and saw how uncomfortable I was, she knew there was something wrong. She did not hesitate to admit me to labor and delivery!  Now let me explain the feelings of panic I felt at that point. To see the panic in your doctors face and to hear the fear in her voice sent chills up my spine that I will never forget. It was terrifying.


We walked over to the Sky Ridge labor and delivery. Ryan and I were both in shock. We still had two more months before Emma should be joining us. I had a lot of plans on how Emma and I would be relaxing during the summer break. Once we got escorted to our room I put on one of those hideous hospital gowns. I mean seriously...NO ONE can pull one of those off! By this point I was asked to start a 24 hour urine sample. They also placed those belly bands around me to track Emma’s heart rate. The nurses were oh so surprised to see how active Emma was and had to constantly rearrange the bands. At this point the nurses also kept a close eye on my blood sugars. I can tell you that I worked MY BUTT OFF during the pregnancy to ensure my blood sugar levels were perfect. My A1C was 4.8! If you are a type 1 diabetic you understand how challenging it must have been to keep my numbers so controlled. Especially when you wanted to eat everything under the sun one moment and then hold your breath hoping it would stay in.


Soon enough I was placed on bed rest. The key factor that caused this panic was my elevated blood pressure. Till this point in my pregnancy my blood pressure had been fine. So, while the doctors examined all the possible possibilities Ryan and my mom kept me company in the room. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for my husband. Ryan is one in a million, his love is powerful. Throughout all of this Ryan kept cool, calm and collected. He tried his best to keep me isolated from anything that could have possibly made me stress out. He was protecting Emma and I both at this point. My family visited but it was short lived as my blood pressure rose when I was around them. Ryan’s family came at a separate time and the same thing occurred. I think this was my body telling me I had to hibernate and isolate myself from the world for the next 2 months. I was kept at the hospital for 3 days 2 nights.